Jade High-Low Dress in Multi Floral by KAYVALYA

Welcome to our new site!

KAYVALYA was created after traveling throughout South East Asia and Australia with my boyfriend, Oliver. Born from a love for adventure and the simple life, Kayvalya encompasses freedom of movement, figure flattering cuts and beautiful prints that can be worn day or night and take you from beach to dinner. 

After saying goodbye to our 9-5 jobs in Vancouver Canada, we set out for a year long adventure to travel slowly through Thailand and Indonesia, setting up home for a few months at a time in each place to really experience and live the local cultures. It was once we arrived in Bali that we found our second home. Setting up base in the beach town of Canggu, the surf and cafe culture mixed with the local traditions and spirituality sparked the inspiration for Kayvalya.

Sakura Slip Dress by KAYVALYA

I always knew I wanted to design a clothing line, but it was once I arrived in Bali that I knew exactly what it would look like. There's something about the laid-back lifestyle of the expats here that is so cool and carefree. At any given time, they could be going from the beach to the cafe to grabbing a beer and watching the sunset, after which they would jump on their scooters and zip off to their next destination. I wanted to bring this "anything could happen" vibe to the line to give everyone that feeling of adventure. 

After traveling for months on end with the same suitcase of clothes I set out with, I designed these clothes with a minimalistic lifestyle in mind. This line is for the beach loving free spirit that doesn't want to think too much about what to wear, but always wants to look amazing regardless. Each piece is fuss-free and made from the softest rayon fabric that you can wear all day and feel completely at ease. 

Raya Wrap Dress in Lemon Floral by KAYVALYA

I really hope you like this debut line as much as I do. I can't wait to see you wearing it!


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xx Alison